A truly international law firm

Bird & Bird has one of the world's leading dedicated international franchise teams with a real focus on the retail and fashion sector. Bird & Bird has taken some of the world's best known retail brands into new markets and continues to be their legal advisors on their ongoing expansion plans.

Brands come to Bird & Bird as a result of their exceptional reputation as the leading team in this field. They are renowned for their wealth of experience, their ability to develop new innovative structures that fully enable retailers to maximise every opportunity, supporting them in executing ambitious growth plans.
Contact: Graeme Payne
E: Graeme.Payne@twobirds.com / T: + 44 (0) 207 982 6474

Design Experts delivering Commercial and Creative Solutions that Connect & Convert

BenBen work alongside growing businesses and their marketing teams to ensure a meaningful and motivational message is clearly communicated to their market, through innovative design; generating increased business growth, customer loyalty and brand awareness.

If you want to deal with BenBen over the phone? That's fine. By email or on social media? OK, no problem. You need it done by tomorrow morning, and you need 6 copies at your suppliers office in Hong Kong…and you forgot to mention it before but you will need it translated into French and built into a microsite asap? That's all fine – because that is what BenBen does.

Contact: Julie Francis E: Julie@benbendesign.co.uk

Contact : Chris Prendaglia
E: chris.prendaglia@suntopgroup.com

Delivering world class store fixture solutions

Suntop produces world-class modular and customized solutions for clients both domestic and international. It has exported to nearly 40 countries and served more than 2000 store projects annually. It operates from design, through manufacturing to in-store installation.The Suntop Group have worked most extrensively across three core retail segments. These are:
From Supermarkets to specialist Convenience stores, Suntop understands this sector and the products within them and through its senior team has many years experience in this segment.
From its inception through to today Suntop has always excelled at this key segment. Evidenced by its long term relationships with key Chinese brands such as Septwolves and Anta and its on-going work with Fila, Skechers and Nike.
Whether it be a specialist Duty Free outlet or a multi discipline high end Department store Suntop has developed the experience to drive your project to success.