Kyclo Services

Business Review - Your retail remedy for successful business growth

  • We conduct a full business/strategy review: Addressing your current business model, brand, products/services, infrastructure and sustainability.
  • We discuss together in great detail: Your success to date and indeed the challenges faced.
  • We diagnose: Potential dangers and threats to yourbusiness, and advise on the most appropriate strategies for furthering yourbusiness successfully.
  • Determining the next steps: For growing your business locally and / or internationally.

Market Research & Due Diligence. Partner Sourcing & Recruitment

  • Clarifying key goals, we work with you to refine strategic planning so this works at local level and ties seamlessly in with your global strategy.
  • Following proper procedures in recruitment and partnership selection:we make sure processes are thorough, methodical and properly adhered to.
  • Negotiations & Agreement support - we ensure your partnership is a shared investment
  • Suitable duediligence will include checking financial viability, infrastructure,communications, successful trading and commitment to long-term partnering.

Project Management

  • Through the successful application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience we meticulously project manage all our clients objectives including:
  • Store planning, fixtures, fittings & floor layouts
  • Product ranging, stock packages, % Mix and sales densities
  • Store build, contractors, architects, warehouse planning / implementation, pre-retailing, supply chain, I.T/ POS operations and full opening process ensuring timely and successful delivery of store opening / brand launch within budget and with maximum splash
  • Recruitment of necessary management; supporting interview processes and advising on suitable candidates

Store openings and strategies

  • The hotspots in your new markets / territories: We ask, analyse and apply accurate strategies for sourcing successful locations and optimal store size.
  • New stores, modifications, concessions or pop ups: We manage and implement all retail project types, in all markets; leading by example with a ‘hands on’ approach.
  • Store build, design and layout: We build your brand physically, strategically and emotionally creating a consistent and polished retail environment; reflecting your brand vision with full commercial opportunity and customer engagement.
  • Visual merchandising & branding: We deliver your product and clearly communicate your brand with full impact and understanding (both inside and out) engaging and inspiring customers, whilst maximising space and driving sales.
  • Store operations: We ensure your warehousing, supply chain, people, product and POS run efficiently and effectively to maximise sales and provide an outstanding customer experience.


  • Understanding your new markets/territories: We work with a ‘glocal’ attitude to support the development and understanding of your most valuable customer in new markets / territories.
  • Building your brand profile in new markets: With relevant andreliable research we advise on the most successful marketing methods in linewith your brand objectives for building your profile and engaging with your newcustomers.
  • Connecting with your online and offline local communities: Addressing cultures and customs we determine the best methods for creating an extended brand community through social media and events, increasing traffic.
  • Smart solutions & incentives: We save on your budgetwith ‘out of the box’ marketing opportunities, working closely with your newmarket surroundings.

Sales performance

  • Business thinkers in store: We develop a business thinking culture, that is commercial, creative and customer focused/ engaged.
  • Customer loyalty: We advise on customer retention strategies, ensuring long term sustainability.   
  • POS strategies: We ensure full customer engagement, all needs catered for and a convenient and accessible buying experience.
  • Promotional & sales strategies/processes: Addressing company products, competition and overall mission, we reduce inventory, driving out stocks.
  • KPI management: We train/develop in the management of KPIs as well as implementing a successful sales process.
  • Product knowledge: We focus on developing product experts who are able to service customers with confidence and assurance, resulting in a trustworthy transaction that excites a customer.

Training and development

Retail leadership; becoming a key person of influence:

  • Developing authentic leaders with the...
  • Ability to engage at all levels whilst...
  • Driving excellence and a self development culture that...
  • Demonstrates successful delegation & teamwork...

A complete guide to an unforgettable customer experience:

  • Onsite / shop floor practical training workshops, demonstrating...
  • Product knowledge and expertise...
  • Visual merchandising and space management...
  • Engaging and inspiring customers that are then...
  • Serviced successfully creating the unforgettable shopping experience...
  • Ensuring brand loyalty and long term sustainability...

Creative business thinkers; investing in customer and company:

  • Commerciality brought to the forefront with a...
  • Creative approach and ‘can do’ attitude that is...
  • Actively pursued with confidence and conviction...
  • Delivering ‘Out of the Box’ marketing solutions...
  • Increasing sales growth across all sectors...

Understand franchising as a franchise partner:

  • Knowing your brand vision mission and values
  • The responsibilities as a franchise partner to your franchisor
  • Your market needs and know hows
  • Aligning objectives and values accordingly
  • Developing key relationships for brand profiling and increased awareness
  • Recruiting the right retailers for the right positions
  • Recognising communication and teamwork as the key to success to
  • Develop the mindset and emotional intelligence for working globally.

Practical ongoing support; being physically present on the shop floor

  • Store relays: As sales react and your market becomes more defined we support in store departmental relays and expansions.
  • Introducing new departments: With the introduction of concessions and or new own brand departments we support in all phases prior to the launch.
  • Store relocation: In the event your store location requires a relocation, we assist in the project planning and implementation process ensuring a smooth operation with minimum risk to your brand and sales.
  • Seasonal Support: Early years of trading in new locations often requires additional support and direction during peak seasons which are dictated by local cultures and customs. We provide that hands on practical expertise working closely with your store management and personnel.
  • Relationship building: In new stores and new markets, team spirit and international communication is essential for your success, we provide that additional support onsite building relationships between franchisee and franchisor.