Brand understanding and maintenance - Russia

Hamleys in Moscow

The Objective:

In the launch of Hamleys into Moscow, Russia,we were asked to support their international partner with training and furtherdevelopment of their Senior management teams as well as provide support totheir store operations, buying and marketing teams in preparation for theirfirst Christmas trading period.

The Challenge:

This projectrequired being physically present on the shop floor at all times, deliveringonsite training and workshops to both senior members of management and storepersonnel ensuring the full understanding and delivery of the Hamley’sexperience.

The Outcome:

With significantexperience of the Hamley’s brand and overall vision, the ability to quicklyadjust to new markets and cultures, successfully establish relationships andlead with a hands-on approach we were able to:
  • Significantly improve thestore’s visual merchandising and space management, reducing inventory andmaximizing sales.
  • Further the understanding ofthe Hamleys retail experience, through on the ground demonstrations, resulting ina significant uplift in sales.
  • Determine the most appropriatelogistical solutions for the successful running operations of the store duringthe Christmas period.
  • Successfully agree on a numberof cost effective marketing strategies for prior and post the Christmas periodto further brand awareness drive traffic, increase basket value and ensurecustomer loyalty.
  • Assess the current productranges and success to date; determining the areas for improvement and furtherdevelopment.
  • Achieve successful financialoutcomes throughout the Christmas period.

Helen Barnish - ‎Head of International Development Hamleys of London

"Sarah is a passionate and highly creative retailer who operates with tenacity and a positive 'can do' attitude, delivering outstanding results. As a strong leader and motivator, carrying the important characteristics and interpersonal skills required for working on an international level, Sarah was able to very quickly make the appropriate relationships for developing strong teamwork, networks and management success throughout..In successfully delivering the Hamleys brand into the Cyprus market, Sarah further supported our partner in Russia, on both occasions demonstrating her full understanding of our brand, the complete retail requirements of a franchisee, the importance of market and cultural differences, store design and visual merchandising; resulting in increased sales results and partners fully understanding and maintaining our brand consistency and customer experience."