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Hamleys in Cyprus - Capital City Flagship Store


On the successful signing of the franchise partner agreements, with store location and property secured, our role was to manage the full launch of the Hamleys brand into the Cyprus market within a period of 6 months and further manage the brand in full, post opening.

The Challenge:

The challenge was to build a full internal infrastructure, recruiting and training all necessary skills and talent required. Source all product suppliers and select full ranges based on the market’s needs and Hamleys business model. Project manage the full delivery of a finished flagship store, implementing all necessary marketing activities in the run up to and post opening of the store.

Imperative to this project was ensuring full sustainability and successful operations of the Hamleys brand and that their vision, mission and values were fully understood and communicated successfully both inside the company and outside in the market.

The Outcome:

With substantial project management skills, leading with a hands-on approach, an in-depth understanding of the Hamleys brand and a strong commercial and cultural/market understanding we were able to:
  • Successfully recruit and train outstanding individuals within the local market who fully understood and embraced the Hamleys brand.
  • Deliver a strong product mix, across all ranges and departments, with maximum profit margin. 
  • Successfully deliver the Cyprus flagship store, meeting all required timelines and exceeding Hamleys expectations.
  • Quickly establish successful working relationships; a trust and respect among key external organizations, securing collaborations and joint venture marketing opportunities.
  • Deliver the full project under budget with a successful financial outcome.

Helen Barnish - ‎Head of International Development Hamleys of London

"Sarah is a passionate and highly creative retailer who operates with tenacity and a positive 'can do' attitude, delivering outstanding results. As a strong leader and motivator, carrying the important characteristics and interpersonal skills required for working on an international level, Sarah was able to very quickly make the appropriate relationships for developing strong teamwork, networks and management success throughout.. In successfully delivering the Hamleys brand into the Cyprus market, Sarah further supported our partner in Russia, on both occasions demonstrating her full understanding of our brand, the complete retail requirements of a franchisee, the importance of market and cultural differences, store design and visual merchandising; resulting in increased sales results and partners fully understanding and maintaining our brand consistency and customer experience."