Team Ingredients

A team at its best is when the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. A Team does notonly mean a group of people working together but a team of different people working together.     How one definesthese differences could be based on skill, knowledge, talent, culture, age,experience etc but what is without doubt essential is, in order to make a teama success there has to be a combination of these differences between the teamplayers, in order to greater the success of the overall outcome. A little likebaking a cake, without the correct ingredients and measurements made; theresults are an absolute ‘flop’. 

So how many ofyou are Team Leaders or Team Members and are successfully embracing thesedifferences within your team; whilst also empowering one another to work togetherin line with your business vision and strategy?  

Two ingredientsI would like to address today, that are incredibly important to your teamsuccess, are age and international cultures.  How many of youmake the assumption that Experience Vs Eagerness is without doubt the betterchoice to make or what works in one country is sure to work in another? Wellthese are not necessarily the correct assumptions… 

Certainly, havingexperienced members within your team are essential, however the newness,passion, drive and expertise of the next generation are equally important foryour team and business to thrive with the times; remaining up to date,innovative and exciting ensuring you are ready for future customers andmarkets.  

As you will allwell know, we are faced with a struggling employment market on a global scaleand ironically the two worst hit are the younger and the older, and thequestion is why?
The youngsters are told they have insufficient experience and the older are often referred toas being over qualified with too much experience and therefore are considered asubstantial cost to a business; yet both are vital components to a successful‘TEAM’ and for a company to grow.                                                    
What isimportant is for companies to re-address the composition of their teams, theirmanagement, and operation and address the importance of team members investingin one another in line with the company values and vision so to achieveoutstanding results, TOGETHER.   

Successful Leadershipis when within any one team, newness and experience are equally embraced and empowermentis happening up and down the ladder, in and amongst every member of the team; individualsare combining each other’s attributes and together they are creatingopportunity, growth and prosperity for all involved. 

Very much thesame principals apply to that of cultural differences. How many of you are running businesses outsideof America (for example) yet are looking to work with American markets? Howmany of you are connected to anyone in America or specific states of interest?Are you connecting and speaking with anyone within your sector in America oreven better have you already a member of your team from America?  

If you want tounderstand a market and want to work with a market, your team must include eitherthe relevant skills, experience, knowledge and/or understanding. Culturaldifferences need to be embraced and the members of your team need to (like fromgeneration to generation) equally look for synergies when workinginternationally or indeed with members of the team being from other countries.It is awonderful opportunity to combine skills and talents, create opportunities fromone culture/country to another and again work where the whole is greater thanthe sum of the parts. 

The mostimportant and fundamental attribute any team player or team leader MUST have isthe willingness and drive to continuously learn and embrace others and thatwhich they bring to the table. If we chose to stop learning, we close the doorto vast opportunities for both our personal and professional growth and when westop growing so too do our businesses.