Personality a Priority in Business

Are you a personality in business and does your business have personality? 
In today’s worldwhere going global is fast becoming the future for business success, the peoplefactor is something far greater than perhaps first thought. Having a Brandname, a product and /or service is no longer enough.

The conventional skills ofbeing a good communicator, both in person and on paper, having the ability toembrace change with a ’can do’ attitude and ensuring you are efficient andeffective with time management, continue to remain high on the agenda of allrecruiters seeking individuals to put a brand on an international level.

However more importantly the word, skill and talent they seek most is ‘personality’both face to face and online. When I talkabout ‘personality’ I am not only referring to a level of confidence andstereotypically a ‘bubbly’ and outgoing nature but something a little more in-depth. 

Internationalbusiness requires a number of key components in order to be consideredsuccessful and to achieve this success it must start with the correct PEOPLE inplace.
Building relationships on a global scale requires trust before anything else and how thistrust is established, not only on a business to business level but equally on acustomer to customer basis requires six key skills: Comprehensive Communicationthat is localised, quality product knowledge, consistency and reliability, culturalawareness, tenacity & emotional intelligence. 

These sixfundamental skills ensure you create personalitywithin your business, encapsulating a team of talented personalities, whocollectively enable you to connect and engage successfully in business, on aglobal level bringing about outstanding results.  

Let’s look atthese six key areas for creating that all important internal and externalpersonality.
Comprehensive Communication requires those with excellent listening skills, who have an openminded approach and foreign language skills are certainly an advantage. It isimportant that they have the ability to adapt to new and unknown environments, bea problem solver with diplomacy and understanding, yet at the same time have anastute manner that means business. Quality

Product Knowledgeis vital when going global. If your internal teams do not understand what yourproducts/services are and how they benefit their marketplace then it will beimpossible to translate these benefits to an international market. Equallywithout a thorough understanding of the market you are looking to enter, youwill never fully recognize whether your product/service qualities and benefitsare in fact benefits for the markets you are looking to enter. So what is keyis that all of your team are fully informed, trained and engaged with thebenefits of your business.
Consistency and Reliability. These skills speak for themselves. When you are working on a global level and accessibility to face to face contact is limited, reliability in yourcommunication and remaining consistent in your relations and the ways in whichyou  operate as a team and asindividuals, are essential in maintaining channels of trust, rapport and inturn business success.

Cultural Awareness boilsdown to one thing, respect. If you are looking to collaborate on a globalscale, beyond your profits never ever forget the people. It is the people onthe ground who will make you a success and as such it is vital that your teamand your company values involve the words ‘respecting those we work andcollaborate with’.

Religious and Political beliefs are important to all people,no matter where they live, the family unit can be stronger in some countriesthan others, laws are indeed very different from one country to another and itis critical that when engaging in conversations, introducing new ideas,products and services to a market; your teams and individuals who are part ofyour business have done their homework. Never presume anything, it may justoffend! 

Tenacity is a quality thatensures a person will persevere to bring about results, someone who will stopat nothing to bring success to all those involved; that someone that has apositive attitude with outstanding leadership qualities and in internationalexpansion it is a must! 

Emoitional Intelligence.This is quite simply a matter of thinking very carefully about each and everyindividual you collaborate with and remember that each person is different,whether locally or internationally the same rules apply. Each of us are uniquewith our own strengths and weaknesses. The important skill for those in your international business to have isthe ability to bring out the very best in those they work with and lead.It is abouteducation, understanding, training, development, inspiration, motivation andsuccess, both on a personal and professional level.